Oddly Enticing

just curious if anyone is out there that agrees. It would be bold by Morey, but its something I'd do to surround Embiid with smart veteran talent. Nothing new here...just want to see if anyone agrees.

The operating assumption here is that Maxey and Thybulle are our future prospects and we don't need young guys like "Haliburton" to be featured pieces we acquire. We have the young guys we need.

Sexton and Murray are nice pieces but I just doubt trading Simmons for these guys gets your past the 2nd round.

Beaseley and Hield are one trick ponies thats simply aren't enough of a return. We need savvy 2-way guys or we need guards that give us something more than only shooting.

CJ plays zero defense. Anyway...

Trade with Indiana leaves you with these starters and bench:

Brogdon-Green-Warren-Tobias-Embiid with Maxey, Thybulle, Seth, Furkan, Drummond as your backups.

Trade with Memphis:

Anderson-Green-Brooks-Tobias-Embiid with Maxey, Thybulle, Seth, Furkan, Drummond as your bench.

Keep these teams together for the next 3 years. Real veterans with a nice mixup of young talent.

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