An All Time Great Duo

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The notion that Ben wants out because he's not a good fit with Embiid is objectively ridiculous and it shows you how far we've gotten. I just got into another fight with family in the group chat because they called it 'ridiculous' that I said "Ben and Jo, if they never play together again go down as one of the best duos ever". They laughed. Then I showed them...

They had 4 years together:

1164 minutes +15 net rating (2-man lineups via
840 minutes +6 last year
1431 minutes +8 the Butler year
1306 +15.5 rookie year.

Good for 4741 minutes at a +10.47. Heavily weighted down by Horford lineups. Those two lineups at +15 though? How rare are they?

17-18 Warriors: Klay and Steph 12.7, Steph and KD 12.
This year - Giannis and Kris +9.9, Giannis and Jrue +11.7
Kobe and Pau in 08 +15
KG and Ray Allen in 08: +15
in 09, when the Lakers won: Kobe and Pao +11.5
Repeated in 2010: +7.6
11 Dirk and Kidd: +8.7
Bron's first ring: him and Wade +13.6
Bron's second ring: Him and Wade +14.4
Heat's final year: +6.7
They lost to Duncan and Kawhi: +8.9
The original splash brothers were +17.6 in their first title run. There's one duo I could find.

BuT wHaT aBoUt ThE PlaY oFFs?!!?!!?

Glad you asked:

198 mins in their first year together, Ben and Jo were +1.2.
283 mins in the Butler year: +19.5
315 mins this past year: +18.8

How dominant is +18.8?

Best two man lineups in the recent playoffs:

Ben and Jo: +18.8
George and Mann +15
Batum and Kawhi +13.6
KD and Kyrie +11.6
Jrue and Giannis +10.3

"Ben and Jo aren't a good fit" is grounds for me to end the conversation with you. Yeesh.

There's an anonymous story going around saying that Ben wants to get away from Jo because Jo clogs up the paint and they have a clunky fit. That's absolute nonsense. The backup center we insisted on playing with Ben during the playoffs, even though they had a -8.8 rating in 396 minutes this regular season, (Ben & Dwight) clogs the paint --- but not the big fella.

The ship has sailed and Ben's probably gone, but don't let anyone argue that these guys aren't one of the best Duos in Sixers history, in recent NBA history, and realistically - in NBA history.

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