What about the McCollum, Covington plus two 1st round picks offer?

This offer is actually pretty good with a few minor adjustments which only involve 3 other teams only one of which need to be combined with Portland's off. Portland's off doesn't work financially. So, Covington or McCollum would have to be moved to a third team.

I don't think Covington is needed. The Sixers (we) already have Niang and Reed at PF and Green, Thybulle and Korkmax at SF. Green, Thybulle and Reed already bring superior defense to the party. Another defense first, offense some other time player is just not what this team needs.

I see now that CJ McCollum is not the player I thought he was. He has a bad recent history of injuries which is never a good sign for a 30 year old. An even worse sign for a 30 year old is two consecutive years of poor defense (118 Defensive Rating each year). This may well be a sign of fading quickness that would serve him even worse trying to guard point guards, usually the quickest player on opposing teams.

None of this is to say that they each have little value. I think they do have good value, just not enough for swapping for Ben Simmons. So, I propose taking the deal on the condition that Portland throw in 2 second round picks. That isn't much more than they offered. So, they may agree or may counter with just 1 additional second round pick. Let's suppose they only include their 2022 second round pick along with their 2022 and 2024 1st round picks.

Then, it is pointed out to them that the money doesn't work. So, we want to bring in a third team, the Bulls (for Covington) or the Kings (for McCollum). Let's start with the Bulls.

My Bulls trade is Covington and Milton for Cory White who was the 7th pick in the 2017 draft , Ayo Dosunmu who was the 38th pick in this year's draft, and Troy Brown, Jr., who was the 15th pick in the 2017 draft, as well as their 2026 2nd round pick, and their 1st and 2nd round picks in 2027. If Milton roughly equals Dosunmu and Troy Brown is only being included to make the money work (might have to cut and stretch him), that leaves Coby White and the 1st and 2 second round picks to balance Covington. Additionally, the picks are years into the future lowering their value as there is a time value to picks just as there is to money. Maybe they say yes because they want to compete this year. Maybe they like it in principle but balk at 2 second round picks. Let's say they accept but only include their 2022 1st round pick.

So, at this point we have collected 3 1st round picks, a 2nd round pick, CJ, and Dosunmu. Now we turn to the Kings. We offer CJ and Singer, the 28th pick this year for Buddy Hield, Davion Mitchell, their 2022 1st round pick and Atlanta's 2nd round pick in 2022.. They say, "Okay, but make our 2024 1st round pick" What is two years among friends. So, that is the deal.

Now, we have collected 4 1st round picks, a 2nd round pick, Buddy Hield, Davion Mitchell and Dosunmu, Coby White and Troy Brown. At this point we have too many players. So, we approach the Thunder for one last deal: Coby White, Troy Brown, and Isaiah Joe for Ty Jerome and their 2023 1st round pick, figuring Coby White is worth a 1st round pick and the other two balance out Ty Jerome. They agree. Or, we start by asking for 1 or 2 second round picks and settle on the above deal.

At this point, we have traded Ben Simmons who has to go, Jaden Springer who is not ready to play after just one year of college ball, Shake Milton who may have peaked at 'not so good' (actually, I just hate his hang-dog expression of defeat he wore all last season), and Isaiah Joe who has only shown promise so far (he hasn't actually knocked down 3s at an appreciable rate). In return, we have received Buddy Hield who should be the world's best backup shooting guard, Ty Jerome who may quickly become the world's best backup shooting guard, Davion Mitchell who has had 3 years of college ball including a National Championship, Ayo Dosunmu who is also ready to play after 3 college years, 5 1st round pick plus at least 1 second round pick. I think this is fair compensation that leaves the Sixers ready to compete this year. The C, PF, and SF positions stay just as they are. The shooting guard position is deep in quality shooters. Hield is an upgrade over Milton; Ty Jerome is an upgrade over Joe. Granted, we are worse off at PG but deeper. Hill is already gone. Ben has to go. That only leaves Maxey who is not really a PG; he is just learning the position and Springer who has but one year of college experience. Davion Mitchell has 3 years of college experience at PG, defends well and was co-MVP of the summer league. He is ready to play while Springer is not. So, that is an upgrade. Ayo Dosunmu also has 3 years of college experience, is ready to play, and should be no worse, probably better, than Milton as a PG. So, we are deep and young at PG. Also, we have all those highly regarded young players and lots of draft assets in case someone does become available and their team wants to rebuild. One last point is that we are at least $1 million under the cap which saves us not only from a luxury tax this year, it saves us from the repeater penalty as well. It also saves from the repeater penalty next year. In other words, we save tens of millions of dollars. So, no, I don't mind spending $22 million on a back up. If you do, then just think of him as starter number 2 because he has enough quality to start.

SO, I just happen to disagree with Morey. Take the deal(s) you can make now. Put an end to this Simmons nonsense. Use the assets you have acquired to out bid everyone if someone becomes available. We will have to out bid people because we know Lillard prefers going to the Knicks, making it his team, and then talking Embiid into joining him. One, the Knicks have picks galore, and 2) we don't want anyone talking Embiid into going anywhere. Continuing the Simmons nonsense and splitting the team, just might sour Embiid on Philly.

So, that's it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Unless somebody convinces me otherwise. Then, I will drop it like a hot potato.

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