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New Sixers alternate uniforms might have leaked

And I’m happy to say they are WAY better than the old ones.

Philadelphia 76ers Announce Crypto Jersey Patch Partner Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

The Sixers kicked off media day on Monday, leading to many storylines, most notably the Ben Simmons developments being talked about publicly for the first time. One storyline that wasn’t expected to be talked about was the Sixers’ new alternate uniforms, which appear to have been updated for the upcoming season.

Twitter user @AidanDoc_ was the first to come across it, as Charles Bassey posted it on his snapchat:

First off: Wow! These are pretty “dop” jerseys. It’s a much needed change from the usual cream and red, white, and blue alternatives. It’s unclear what exactly this “edition” of uniform will be called, but it very well could be the Sixers’ next city edition jerseys.

There’s definitely some context behind these too. It appears they have similar paneling on the sides to the Sixers’ old home, the Spectrum, as seen below:

A nod to the Sixers’ former arena is a welcome one. While we are going off of a somewhat blurry photo, I think the Sixers did a great job at making a solid modern uniform that pays homage to a place of historical significance.

What remains to be seen is if the team will also have an alternative court design to go along with these. Can you image Joel Embiid dropping 30 points a game in these uniforms with a throwback court? I can, and it’s certainly an awesome idea.

These probably won’t officially release for the next few weeks, assuming they are indeed official. I can’t help but feel excited, as they are completely better than either of the Sixers’ alternative uniforms from last season. The off-white uniforms with a bell slapped on them never did anything for me personally. The black uniforms were also very solid but a failed marketing campaign centered around “New Philadelphia” put a curse on them for most people.

Let’s hope these are indeed the Sixers’ new upcoming uniforms. Let us know what you think of these below in the comments.

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