How to retain Simmons and make him happy

Hypothetical pitch to Ben to convince him to come back.

"Ben. Ben, Ben, Ben, What can I say? We have done you wrong. We see now that we didn't develop you correctly. We also see that it was a mistake to see this as Embiid's team. Come back and we promise it will be half Embiid's team and half your team. In baseball, some pitchers have their own catchers. Right here in Phildelphia, Steve Carlton, our greatest pitcher ever, had his own personal catcher, Tim McCarver. Well, we are going to get you your own personal center, a starter quality, stretch 5, Krispas Portzingis. He puts up 6, 7 three pointers per game. In fact, we are going to give you your own personal lineup, something like Portzingis at C, Niang at PF, Green at SF and Korkmaz at SG, four quality 3 point shooters. You at PG, of course. That should open things up for you. There is also plenty of defense with you and Green and Portzingis's shot blocking, Korkmaz and Niang holding their own. We are giving you and your lineup the 2nd and 3rd quarters, half of each game, enough continuous time to get into rhythm and for everyone to notice that this is indeed half your team. You will still start and play about 6 minutes of the 1st quarter, making you a starter and giving you your average 30 minutes per game.

Other than those 6 minutes Embiid will have his own lineup: him at C, Reed at PF, Thybulle at SF, Curry at SG, and Maxey at PG. With Curry, Maxey and Embiid, there will be plenty of scoring. And, with Reed, Thybulle and Embiid there will be a ton of blocked shots and steals, plenty of defense. We will basically have 2 'starting' units which means there will never be a second string unit on the floor as there was last year. I know that must have been demoralizing to constantly get up by 20 only to come back after a rest all even again. That won't happen this year. In fact, to insure that won't happen again we are kicking Doc upstairs. He will still be the head coach, but he will no longer be courtside. Sam is going to be the in game lead coach. This way all three of our excellent assistant coaches will have a specific role, offense, defense and game time. Embiid only averaged 22 minutes a game last year. So, splitting time like this should be fine with him and allow him to play in more games. And, we will still have Drummond and Bassey to back them up if one or the other gets injured. Bassey can also backup PF. And, Brunson, a real point guard, will be the backup PG

So, I think we are all set. Just say the word and we'll call Dallas and work out a trade centered on Harris and Milton for Porzingis and Brunson. What do you say? I think we have addressed all of your concerns. Are you ready to come back now?"

(Left unsaid is that Ben will not be called upon in the fourth quarter relieving him of the worry of embarrassing himself at the line in the closing minutes of games.)

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