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Furkan Korkmaz has the best offseason workout video you’ll see

Chicago Bulls v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Furkan Korkmaz has had a good summer. Early in free agency, he re-signed with the Sixers on a three-year, $15 million deal, giving him new financial security for a fair price. Since then, he’s gone about his offseason, and just gifted the internet with one of the best summer workout videos you’ll ever see.

It’s quite something... The perfect blend of movie trailer/sports montage. From dramatic shots of Korkmaz lifting weights to using a flaming basketball (seriously), there’s plenty of cinematic camera work involved.

The western music playing over the top? That’s just the cherry on the cake.

After seeing countless NBA summer workout videos that look the same (perhaps featuring jump shots that we’ll never even see in real games anyway), you have to appreciate the creativity that went into Korkmaz’s video.

Korkmaz has proven himself as a useful role player. His defense is clearly still limited, but he’s gradually improved his positioning and footwork over the years (and also added a career-high 0.9 steals per game to that growth in 2020-21) and provides efficient, high-volume three-point shooting which is always a valuable skill to have. If he can keep building on the progress he’s made and continue to give the Sixers a bit of a spark as a gunner off the bench, he should be set for another solid season.

With the competitive nature of the NBA and the passion of its fans, sometimes following the league can get a little too serious. Sometimes it’s important to just sit back and appreciate what the NBA has to offer.

In this case, that means forget about the Ben Simmons trade situation for a moment, and enjoy this brilliant, comically over the top Furkan Korkmaz workout video.

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