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Coming in for a Landing Podcast: Breaking down Doc Rivers’ comments about Ben Simmons on First Take

In the debut episode of the Coming in for a Landing Podcast, Paul Hudrick breaks down the head coach’s remarks to Stephen A. Smith.

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We are excited to announce the addition of a new weekly podcast to our growing network at Liberty Ballers!

Paul Hudrick — who is the lead producer of this site — will be hosting the Coming in for a Landing podcast every Wednesday on the Liberty Ballers podcast network.

In the debut episode, Paul broke down Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers’ comments during his appearance on ESPN’s First Take. He discussed the seemingly never-ending Ben Simmons saga with Stephen A. Smith.

Smith asked Rivers about his response to a question following the disappointing Game 7 loss to the Atlanta Hawks, where he asked if Simmons could be the point guard of a championship team. Rivers answered by saying, “I don’t know the answer to that right now.”

The Sixers head coach tried clarifying his response on First Take, insinuating that the media took his comments out of context, something Paul isn’t too happy about hearing.

“Don’t say that it was misrepresented or that, “they just kept running their narratives.” Listen, when that quote was said, I tweeted it out. The next day, when Doc Rivers said, “I’m still bullish on Ben Simmons,” I tweeted that out. Which quote do you think people ran with?

When your answer for something like that with Ben Simmons is anything other than ‘yes, I think he can be the point guard of a championship team,’ of course, people were going to run with it. That’s the reality. But don’t turn it around and say the media is just running with narratives. I don’t think that’s a fair character characterization at all.”

You can listen to the full episode (including the special intro) below:

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