What I should have said was nothing - Mike Birbiglia

My apologies to all. Truly, what I should have said is nothing. I should follow my own advice: if I don't like the post, I shouldn't read it.

Obviously, I was very offended and reacted very defensively, i.e.- not well. Sometimes it is best to say nothing, a point I am trying to learn.

Evidently, there are other ways to interpret the post to which I reacted; ways that I would not have found offensive. I still cannot grasp such interpretations, but I accept that there are such. After all, if the post in question could only be read as an insulting shot at the whole community, I would not have been the only one to react the way I did.

I was very impressed by the community rallying around the post's author. Although I do not think I violated the forum rules, I do believe my response was unnecessary and not in the proper spirit of the community.

Again, I apologize and will try to do better in the future.

Thank you for your understanding.

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