New website with comment section idea

Does anyone know what the engine was that powered the liberty ballers comment section prior to the change? Is it possible to build a website where I could make the same or similar headlines as the articles published here on liberty ballers, with a reference to here to credit them, and then rather than have an article under the title, just have a comment section for the topic that was already written about here? It’s a little clunky (the idea of reading the article here then going over and commenting there, but not THAT much of a hurdle) but the site could be something like or something simple like that. Any ideas?

Is this worth exploring and would anyone even be interested in having someone like this exist? To help preserve the community? Look how few comments there are on the recent articles. (Not the ones that were wiped and then "re-commented" on, that’s a pretty substantial drop off.

Any feedback is good feedback. Thanks!

(I wanted to put a poll up but don’t remember how so…) that’s all.

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