Simmons for Brogdon and Sexton?

Sixers: Malcolm Brogdon, Collin Sexton, Justin Holiday

Pacers: Kevin Love, Tyrese Maxey, Jaden McDaniels, Wolves 2022 First Rounder

Wolves: Ben Simmons

Cavs: Malik Beasley, Taurean Prince, Jeremy Lamb, Wolves 2024 First Rounder

Basically, Sixers get depth, shooting, and some future growth potential in Sexton. Then they could replace Simmons with Brogdon in the starting lineup, and it would add an elite scorer in Sexton off the bench (or could flip Curry and Sexton in the starting lineup), plus they add a solid wing in Holiday off the bench. I think the Sixers would still be underdogs against Nets, but no one will be favored against them this year. Plus with Sexton, it gives room for future growth, with a player who is a much better scorer already then even the most optimistic projections for Maxey. And they definitely need someone who can get to the foul line at a good clip (6.5 times per 36).

Sixers would be a much deeper team and think of the space around Embiid, all three new players are above average shooters, who are actually willing shooters:

Brogdon 3PA: 7.0 per 36 from deep (39% last year, 39% career)

Sexton 3PA: 4.5 per 36 (37% last year, 39% career)

Holiday 3PA: 7.5 per 36 (38% last year, 36% career)

Plus they still have Curry, Green, Harris and Niang.

What are your all's thoughts on the likelihood of the other teams doing this?


They give up a lot of assets for Simmons (I think both picks would have to have minimal protections), but keep Towns, Russell, and Ant. I would love to watch those four guys play together and it seems like a good time for them to go all in!


Replace Sexton with a slightly worse, but cheaper version of him in Beasley and will save a bunch of money in not having to extend Sexton in the $100 range. They can focus on building around Garland and Mobley (and Okoro), plus they get a first rounder from the Wolves and get rid of Love's contract in the process without taking on any long term money. Not sure how much the Cavs feel the Sexton is a part of their long-term plans given his fit with Garland, but it seems like they might consider this deal if they are not sold on both of them in the backcourt long-term.


They have to take on Love's contract and lose Brogdon, Holiday, and Lamb, but they get two exciting, young players in Maxey and McDaniels, plus a potentially great first round pick next year. Despite acquiring Love's contract I think this keeps them under the tax, but it resets them a little bit, making them younger and worse this year (ESPN trade machine has them -8 wins), but it gives them a better path to be a contender in the future and it would be a fun team this year. Obviously, I think Morey should try to get this done by including Shake instead of Maxey, but I doubt the Pacers would even stay on the phone to discuss that without him or Thybulle and my guess is the Pacers would prefer Maxey if they are losing Brogdon.

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