Some Very Exciting News imo: Just BBall Stuff

Hey guys, I have been working on a personal project and have as recently as last night finally deployed a first iteration:

or alternatively

Both links work and are the same thing.

Ultimately, this a website where I will be hosting a lot of the stats from that I think are useful to varying degrees and really aren't that easily accessible anywhere else.

Current sections include:

Defensive Playmaking Steals, Blocks, Deflections, Stocks, Deals (Deflections + Steals) for Total, Per Game, and Per 36, plus some percentile rankings
Matchup Assignments all the one v one matchup data that you occasionally see, plus some overall stats to track matchup difficulty and matchup versatility, average height/weight of opposing matchup, etc
Rim Protection opponent FGM, FGA, FG%, within 6 feet of the rim for all bigs/centers

More sections will be coming later when I get the time (if I'm lucky before the start of the season):

  • Synergy Playtype Stuff
  • Shot types (ie FG% on layups, hook shots, cuts, drives, floaters, dunks, etc)
  • Shot location (restricted area, paint, midrange, corner, above the break)
  • Drives
  • Finishing/Free Throws
  • Pull-up
  • Catch-and-shoot
  • Passing
  • Offensive/Defensive Rebounding
  • College Prospects
and whatever else crosses my mind along the way (maybe an automated scouting report that pulls from all the section gives a breakdown/strengths/weaknesses for every player, if that is possibly feasible/not stupid, who knows). But please feel free to use or share it in the meantime.

Also this stuff will be all free/open-sourced, (for non tech people, that just means that all the code and data and the code used to get the data will be publicly available, once I clean up/document it, I'll put it up on github and share the link and there will be no paywall for this at any point). It also means that if anyone wants to contribute to the codebase (assuming they know how to code), they are more than welcomed to do so.

Longterm, I'm hoping to do actual writing/analysis/breakdowns there, ideally some very thorough (ideally good) breakdowns. But until I get there, just feel free to check out and parse through the stats there as you please and spread it to whoever.

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