CJ for Bun! ...Let's get it done!

First, let me take a moment to explain the "Bun" reference in my title. It's obvious that disgruntled PG Ben Simmons is an uber athletic and uber talented player. I had him as the Defensive Player of the Year ( last season) by a long shot. I believe , however, that he has a fatal personality flaw. He's only aggressive when he's motivated to be that way, (which is far and few in between). Otherwise, (if he's not motivated), he's soft, as soft as a cheeseburger "Bun."

The evening Sports Radio host on 97.5 The Fanatic. (Devon Givens) coined a slogan for Simmons: "An aggressive Ben Simmons is the best Ben Simmons." If you're being totally honest, that saying is 100% true. Just like a person who doesn't want to show up before a judge in a "Court" of Law needs to be summonsed, the aggressive Ben Simmons needs to be "Summonsed" to show any dawg on the basketball court.

Therefore, (for the purpose of accentuating my point), for the rest of this post I'm going to refer to our disgruntled point guard as: "Bun Summons"

I've been analyzing all of the proposed trades out there, and frankly, there's one trade that makes the most sense for both sides:

BLAZERS get: Bun Summons

SIXERS get: CJ McCollum, a 1st round pick swap in 2022, and a future 1st round pick.

The BLAZERS new coach won an NBA Championship in 2004 with a team built around defensive specialists, ( i.e. Rasheed Wallace, Chauncey Billups, Ben Wallace). I think he believes he can get this current team to buy into the defensive concept as a formula for winning today. The Blazers have Robert Covington and Larry Nance already, If they were to add (last years Defensive Player of the Year runner - up), to the mix with Damian Lillard , they just might be on to something.

The sixers would lose the defensive prowess that Mr. Summons provided, but CJ McCollum would be a much better fit playing along side of Joel Embiid; plus, they would still have their defensive stalwart in Matisse Thybulle! A recent article by Ky Carlin on the Sixers Wire (in which he quoted a B/R take), sums it up the best:

For Philadelphia, McCollum is older, smaller and perhaps has a lower talent ceiling. However, his fit alongside Joel Embiid would be worlds better.

Over the last two seasons (and postseasons), McCollum has put up 26.5 points, 6.9 assists and 2.9 threes per 75 possessions when playing without Lillard. He’s shown he can dominate as a No. 1 ballhandler, and his outside shooting ability would keep defenders away from Embiid’s post-ups.

A Summons for CJ swap would give the sixers more shooting around Embiid and a more balanced depth chart as well:

C= Embiid, Drummond, Bassey

PF= Harris, Niang, B-Ball

SF=Green, Thybully, Korkmaz

2G= CJ, Curry, Joe

PG=Maxey, Shake, Springer

*Maybe the Sixers can sign (or trade for) a veteran back up point guard to fill in if Maxey demonstrates that he's not quite ready to be a starter; but I believe he is ready.

I get that Morey and Brand want to take time and make sure they're getting the most value back for Bun Summons possible; but I believe it will be a colossal mistake to let this situation drag on until late October or early November, (or even worse the NBA Trade Deadline). If the Blazers' brass is open to making this deal, Morey and Brand should just get it done; so we can all approach the upcoming season with zero distractions.


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