NBA Q&A (LAF Rendition)

Among the many NBA athletes, there are some guys you'd love to see at your local LAF and destroy the competition. I once played against a guy that played 10 years in Europe and with Rubio (he said Rubio was a flat out amazing passer). He was the only guy that literally swim-moved me to the floor in the blink of an eye.

Yeah there are obvious answers here. Who woudln't want to see Kyrie Irving play at your local gym just to understand how elite these guys are.....watching KD woudln't be fun he'd just shoot it. I would like to see Harden literally DESTROY anyone that tried to guard him....

But this is for the unsung guys. Guys that hang on in the NBA. I'd like to see how good Furkan Korkmaz is by showing up at LAF...a guy that people think is beatable if they had a chance. I'd like to see just how good Korkmaz is.......

But before today's LB post...I had two guys in mind already.....

1) JJ Barea - the guy is like 5'7'' and lasted 10 years in the NBA and won a chip. I just want to see how the most normal looking guy in the NBA would play against gymrats. I wanna marvel at this guy's speed on the court.

2) Matisse Thybulle - he's a freak athlete...but I want to see him shut down everyone in the gym, shut down entire teams. I want to see how he does on offense...guys with that frame and athleticism I want the experience of being on teh court with them.

Anyone for you? I get RoCo would Shaq Diesel also.

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