NBA Q&A 4theLoveofBasketball

My little series (as a break from the BS (ben simmons drama) and just basketball stuff to discuss before the season starts)


who are some of your favorite basketball players and why? This will explain a lot about what you value in the game. If its a high-fly dunker, or just a behemoth, or someone like Jamal Crawford that can light it up but doesn't do anything else. Maybe a savvy vet. This could be extended to favorite teams as well but that will be another post. Also avoid guys like Steph Curry that everyone loves for obvious reasons, and if you don't, well thats another post...why don't you love certain polarizing players over history...

For me, one of my favorite players of all-time is Boris Diaw. He wasn't a "great" player. But the way he played, he got big buckets in the playoffs. He always made the right play. He was honestly, what we wish Ben Simmons was in the half court. Though he wasn't always a knock-down shooter, he was a maestro in the half court. I think Ben is great in transition, but not in half court. Diaw had a really high IQ. Was an ELITE passer, and always made the right play. He wasn't the greatest defender, but he was a 6'9'' swiss army knife on the basketball court that literally could do anything (but obviously wasn't talented enough to carry a team (shout-out Lebron).

And he did all that in the NBA against grown men and supreme athletes...while he was always grey-haired and a little out of shape...something I respected even more. Everywhere this guy went, the teams were really good. Those Spurs and Suns teams were elite at ball movement.

Boris Diaw was my guy...who was your guy?

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