10 Mo Ben Do'

1. The 'LA team'

Ben, Mitchell, Korkmaz, Bagley to Clippers

Jackson, K Johnson, Hield, Morris, Ibaka, Kennard to Philly

Harris, Milton, Drummond, Reed to Sac

2. The 'Play It Straight'

Ben, Milton, protected 1st to Sac

Mitchell, Hield, Bagley to Philly

3. The 'Come On Man Help a Dynasty Out'

Ben, Springer to Minnesota

Beverley, Edwards, Prince to Philly

4. The 'Culture Poisoner'

Ben, Seth to GS

Wiggins, Simons, McCollum, Covington to Philly

Wiseman, Harris, Milton to Portland

5. The 'Portland Kristening'

Ben to Dallas

Porzingis to Portland

Mccollum, Little to Philly

6. The 'Pick Harvest'

Ben, Milton, Reed, Joe to OKC

Favors, Deck, 3 2023 1sts to Philly

7. Simmons and Seth for SGA and Favors

8. The 'Godfather'

Ben, Curry to Orlando

G. Harris, Lillard, Covington to Philly

Springer, Ross, Carter, T. Harris, 3 2023 1sts unprotected to Portland

9. The 'EZ Peez'

Ben, Korkmaz to Charlotte

Hayward, K Jones to Philly

10. The 'Rocket Focket'

Ben, Korkmaz to Houston

Wall, Christopher to Philly

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