The Trade is Nigh

As I predicted recently in a post on GH's Attic, the trade is about 1 week away from happening. Mark it down. Book it.

Because on stuff like this, I am always, always right. Except of course when I am dead wrong.

Now see - before you bash or smash me - remember - this is the general level of commentary that we have had to deal with all summer. Rampant and blatant speculation dressed up as knowledge - from near and far, on LB and across the many sites of the sports and hoops universe. And none of these fools knows anything at all. It's all BS, and I don't mean Ben Simmons.

Everyone is fronting, because if by some miracle they happen to get it right they look pretty damn smart. And if they don't, well, no harm, no foul.

So my take is that one week to 10 days before camp opens is when this goes down.

And its pretty simple - 30.8 for CJ vs 31.5 for Ben - that's the essence of the deal. And maybe Seth and Furkan for Covington, which salaries again match, so Ben gets some more shooters whereas the Sixers get back some D. And Isaiah Joe picks up Furkan's minutes. And maybe a pick or two at the margins to make the deal more marketable on one end or the other or both.

And that's what is going to happen.

So the Sixers start Maxey and McCollum with Green, Harris and Embiid. With Covington, Thybulle, and Joe off the bench, plus Niang and Drummond. and B-Ball Paul, Shake and Springer. Lots of offense with the starters. Lots of D off the bench.

And that's a wrap...

So will see if I am one of the many. many fronting fools, or if I'm the fool that get's it right.

As always, your thoughts and comments are appreciated....

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