My New Favorite Trade Suggestion

After a long time fooling around with Sixers OKC trade possibilities, I realized the OKC could really use a center. They have Mike Muscala, 30, starting at center. They don't have a power forward either. They look to start Derrick Favors, 30. Neither guy is any good and neither guy is on an OKC timeline. I also realized I knew just where to get said positions, the Kings. So, after a bunch more fooling around I came up with the following trade that I think works for all three teams.

OKC gives up: PG Josh Giddey, 18, SG Ty Jerome, 24, Detroit's 2022 1st round pick, Washington's 2023 1st round pick, their own 2023 1st round pick, their 2022 2nd round pick and Miami's 2023 2nd round pick.

OKC receives: PF/PG Ben Simmons,25, C/PF Marvin Bagley III, 22, C Neemias Queta, 22

Bagley could play center with Simmons at power forward, Shia at shooting guard and Tre Mann at the point. They are only missing a small forward. Right now, they are missing a small forward, a power forward and a center. Another possible line up is C Queta, PF Bagley, SF Shia, SG Mann, PG Simmons.

This trade makes OKC competitive this year. They still have 2 1st round picks in 2022 to hunt for a small forward and 2 1st round picks in 2023. So, the cupboard is not bare. This year they would be right around the salary cap. Next year, they would have a shot at resigning Bagley if the lose Favors $9.3 million and Muscala's $3.5 million salaries. Bagley may want to reup due to the way the team is shaping up.

The Kings give up: PF Marvin Bagley III, SG Buddy Hield, PG Davion Mitchell, C Neemias Queta

The Kings receive: PG Jaden Springer, SG Shake Milton, SG Isaiah Joe, OKC's 2022 2nd round pick, Miami's 2023 1st round pick, the 76ers' 2023 2nd round pick, Atlanta's, Chicago's or Brooklyn's 2023 2nd round pick and a $33 million trade exception. They also end up $15 million under the cap.

After this deal, the Kings still have PG Fox and PG Haliburton, along with SG Milton, PG Springer and SG Joe, a complete back court. They still have SF/PF Barnes and C Richaun Holmes. They need help up front but they have $15 million dollars to address that concern as well as a $33 million trade exception and picks. They lose Bagley who will walk away anyway and Hield whose contract they would like to dump. I would say this works out pretty well for them.

The Sixers give up: PG Ben Simmons, 25, SG Shake Milton, 24, SG Isaiah Joe, 22, PG Jaden Springer, 18, their 2023 2nd round pick, and Atlanta's, Chicago's or Brooklyn's 2023 2nd round pick

The Sixers receive: PG Josh Giddey, 18, PG Davion Mitchell, 23, SG Buddy Hield, 28, SG Ty Jerome, 24, Detroit's 2022 1st round pick, OKC's 2023 1st round pick and Washington's 2023 1st round pick.

After this deal, the Sixers are potentially loaded at PG with Giddey, Maxey and Mitchell; loaded at SG with Curry, Hield and Jerome (who may make a better back up PG than Milton), with 2 1st round picks in 2022 including Detroit's and 3 1st round picks in 2023, giving them 4 tradable 1st round picks over the next 2 years. They also save about $3 million dollars. They are in position to compete this year and into the foreseeable future. They part with Simmons, are okay at PG this year, and add even more gravity with Hield, with picks in hand to go after a star should one become available.

Going forward, the Sixers look to have a future PF in Paul Reed or Giddey, a future SF in Reed, Giddey, or Thybulle; a future SG in Maxey, Mitchell or Thybulle; and a future PG in Giddey, Maxey or Mitchell. The Sixers have a solid core of young players. And, they have veterans, of course.

I think the Sixers would be better off. I think this deal makes lemonade out of the Ben Simmons lemon. What do you think? Are all three teams better off?

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