What Doc should say

"Hey, I think everyone misinterpreted my answer to that question. I was asked if I thought Ben could be the point guard on a championship team. I wasn't asked if Ben could be a starter on a championship team. The obvious answer to that is, "Hell, yes." The only interesting part of that question was about being the point guard. Frankly, I think it is doing Ben a disservice playing him on the perimeter in the half court. Do I want him leading the break? Of course. There is no one better. But, in the half court, I think no one would be better served if we added a point guard than Ben. He could concentrate on cuts to the basket, back doors, alley oops, drives to the rim, crashing the boards and everything else he is so good at. One problem with playing Ben at point guard in the half court is that he can't dish to himself. He needs someone feeding him the ball for a change."

Why hasn't Doc said this, yet?

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