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“Sixers Daily” Podcast with Jas Kang out now: Embiid supermax, opening week schedule, Ben Simmons latest

Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images

Sixer Daily hosted by SB Nation’s Jas Kang is out now. In this episode, Jas hosts Liberty Baller Dave Early.

In “Sixers Daily” they get into:

Joel Embiid signing his supermax, and what it means for the Sixers.

Does it help them lure free agents, or thwart stars who might have wanted to recruit Embiid to a rival franchise? Might there be any downsides given the way big men age over time since some of these years will be over $50M....

Then they get into the opening week games when the Sixers will tackle the Nets. But Philadelphia doesn’t play on Christmas this year, does the NBA hate the Sixers?!

Finally, they discuss the most recent reports regarding Ben Simmons. Will he be at Sixers training camp? Will one of the small markets like the Kings, Wolves, or Spurs make a play for the former 1st overall pick? Is Daryl Morey in Dame Lillard or bust mode?

Is it possible that Doc Rivers is quietly on the hot seat?

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