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Sixers acquire 53rd overall pick from New Orleans for cash

The long-awaited draft day trade!

Indiana Pacers v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

While most rumors have speculated the Sixers would be trading away a draft pick in advance of tonight’s 2021 NBA Draft, the first transaction of this pivotal day on the NBA calendar has the Sixers acquiring more draft capital.

The fact that the history of this draft pick includes JJ Redick is pure chef’s kiss. This transaction obviously doesn’t preclude Philadelphia from still trading away the 28th overall pick later in the day. The team could have wanted to maintain two shots at drafting young players, knowing that first-rounder is likely to be heading out. Or maybe Daryl Morey is just looking to add to his stockpile of assets to help sweeten a Ben Simmons deal.

Regardless, getting a draft pick for nothing more than the pocket change found in the couch at Josh Harris’ $32 million Miami mansion is always good business. Remember the days when the Sixers were selling these sorts of picks? Brush up even more on your late second-round prospects and remember to tune in for tonight’s Liberty Ballers Draft Live Show, which will be streamed on YouTube.

Update: The Sixers paid $2 million for the pick. Not my money, so well done!

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