Ben Simmons H.S. Coach Kevin Boyle weighs in on his shooting struggles

The Simmons Shooting Saga continues.

I've covered it in depth and the links to prior articles in the series are right below:

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Excellent Points made by Kevin Boyle on the current state of Ben Simmons shooting issue. Ben was his guy in High School. Understand that this was his coach for 3 years and that Ben Simmons was a 3 time national champion in high school who even won the player of the decade award! Great High School career.

A few points that stood out to me:

  1. Ben shot 'pretty good in H.S.' and his free throw percentage back then was about 70% consistently through High School. Coach says he can definitely fix it.

  2. Ben should have some sort of demand on him for a SHOT QUOTA.

  3. If Ben won't take the shots as he did not when Brett Simmons gave him the shot quota challenge, there should be consequences. He suggests that what he noticed with the Brett Brown challenge is that there was no consequences to Ben for not shooting. He suggested he would not start Ben if he didn't shoot the quota. Ben has been allowed to do what he wants without consequence up until now.
  4. Ben Simmons renowned HS coach Kevin Boyle "I almost think he needs a shot quota that he has to be put on" ‘If you don’t take X amount of attempts & a jump shot in the 1st & 3rd quarter, You’re not starting the next game’"
  5. He discusses the mental issues in depth, including Ben scoring big sometimes like 40 pt game against Utah and then disappearing others and possibly things off the court pulling his focus away.

  6. First time I've heard his High School coach address the Left / Right shooting hand issue. - He says Ben seems to do everything right handed including signing autographs but he also acknowledges that a switch could be hard now. He follows that up however by acknowledging that it may not be much risk to switch hands now when you consider how bad the problem has become right now. In other words what is there to lose in switching?

  7. He says Ben made at least a few jumpers pretty much in every game during high school.

  8. The coach also has a message to Philly Fans about whether Ben Simmons can get his game where it needs to be in Philly or needs to go somewhere else to take his game to the next level.

    In his words message to fans should involve Ben returning showing that he's shooting now and basically be patient because "We're not going to win a championship without him. Do you want to win a championship?".

Windhorst is the first Media guy I've seen break the story that the Sixers and Ben are considering the shooting hand switch as an option. He is reporting that while trade talk is out there he's hearing the fix the shooting issue option is still the main discussions.

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