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The Gastroenteritis Blues: (55) Sixers Take 1-0 Lead vs. Washington | Out Now

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Washington Wizards v Philadelphia 76ers - Game One Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

On this episode of The Gastroenteritis Blues, Dan, Emily and Steve discuss everything about the Sixers’ game 1 victory over the Washington Wizards. From Tobias Harris’ huge night, to the way the Sixers chose to defend Bradley Beal and Russell Westbrook, to Doc Rivers’ hesitancy to challenge foul calls. Also covered: Ben Simmons’ performance, the bench rotation, Joel Embiid’s foul trouble and much more.

Plus: takes from the other series around the league, Simmons and Embiid being named finalists for DPOY and MVP, and a potpourri of fun quotes from this week. Enjoy!


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