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No Particular Hurry: Episode 20 featuring Jordan Ligons of Spinsters podcast | Out Now

Los Angeles Lakers v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

On this episode of “No Particular Hurry,” host Dave Early interviews Jordan Ligons, co-host of the terrific Spinsters pod.

Jordan and Dave get into:

The concept of being a “token” and flipping it to one’s advantage and set a model for a more inclusive environment.

Why the HECK doesn’t Philly have a WNBA team?!?

Should we lower rims in practice to improve athleticism and encourage more female players to jam or does that reinforce the perceived differences we’re trying to get past?

This war of attrition this NBA season is too much!

Do trades sap the joy out of the game? What is it like to get traded? Has George Hill been on enough teams to pick up a new playbook and deliver?

Do the Sixers just want it more? Joel Embiid’s leap for the MVP.

What the heck might the Nets look like when finally (if ever) healthy?

Do we really believe in these Milwaukee Bucks?

How boring would a little-sibling-franchise-in-a-big-market Nets-Clippers finals be?


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