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No Particular Hurry: Episode 22 featuring Billboard’s & Rights To Ricky Sanchez’s Andrew Unterberger | Out Now

Philadelphia 76ers v Indiana Pacers Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

On this episode of “No Particular Hurry” Dave Early interviews Andrew Unterberger, who Sixers fans may know best as a top columnist for the Rights to Ricky team.

In the pod they get into:

Is it a problem that this team hasn’t really had a big test in about two months?

Will the Sixers really try to beat Miami Thursday?

Jrue Holiday is terrifying defensively...

It’s impossible to gauge exactly what the Bucks are going to be during the playoffs…

Joel isn’t winning MVP, find a new slant...

Joel before vs. after his knee injury, is he the same player?

What do we make of Doc’s wonky, all-bench rotations?

If Dwight gets worked in the playoffs, will it be on Doc or Morey?

“I don’t think we’re ever gonna get to a point where we just turn the key and [Ben Simmons] is unlocked….”

Is it stupid that we’re counting Embiid as a forward for the All-NBA team?


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