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Sixers and Embiid Rock the Celtics one Last Time in the Regular Season

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It’s fun to beat Boston, isn’t it?

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Boston Celtics David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

I know. I know. It’s not always fun playing the Boston Celtics. We never know what’s going to happen. Although, it’s been a lot of the Philadelphia 76ers winning and Joel Embiid being dominant in those games. The trend continued tonight as the Sixers beat the Celtics 106-96 tonight in Boston.

Two words summarized the majority of the first quarter: Embiid dominating. Without Tristan Thompson, the Celtics could only throw Robert Williams at Embiid first, but he picked up three fouls very quickly.

Next came Luke Kornet, and yeah, this happened:

Thanks for playing, Luke. Who’s next? Moe Wagner? Yeah, no. Not gonna stop him, Moe.

Embiid ended the first quarter with 12 points on three field goals and six free throw attempts.

Jayson Tatum started the game 0-4 from the field for the Celtics having Ben Simmons guard him primarily to start the game – a trend that continued. Other than that, the only big news for Boston was Kemba Walker leaving mid-way through the first quarter – to change his footwear.

The Celtics didn’t have a player in double digits until Jaylen Brown got to ten in the second quarter. Speaking of turnovers, that’s what haunted the Celtics. They had 14 total in the first half, and all the Celtics looked sloppy.

It was tied at 37 with 6:16 to go in the first half, and then that lead ballooned to 53-38 thanks to Danny Green going OFF for 11 points. Embiid went cold in the second quarter – largely due to his settling for three pointers (0-3). Seth Curry and Green kept the lead going shooting 6-8 in the quarter (4-5 on threes) giving the Sixers a 13-point lead at the half.

The Sixers extended the lead to as much as 20 at one point in the third – more because the Celtics kept seeing impressive defense as well as continuing to brick shots. By the end of the third, the Tatum/Jaylen Brown duo were 9/21 from the field with only 25 points, and the Sixers led by 15 going into the final twelve.

Yeah, they had to play the last twelve minutes even though it didn’t seem to matter much as the Celtics were well cooked before the fourth quarter even began. Embiid getting back into the paint for the second half made a lot of the difference, and he continued to punish Boston inside.

The Celtics cut it to 11 with just over two minutes left, but there was Danny Green again knocking down his fifth three of the night to put the game back to Sixers +14 with 1:43 to go.

At least we got some BBall Paul minutes in the final frame. That’s more or less the only excitement of that last quarter as the Sixers win by ten in Boston and complete the season sweep.

Embiid finished with 35 points in 33 minutes. Danny Green had 17 on 4/5 shooting from three. For the Celtics, Tatum had 20 points but on 7/17 from the floor. BBall Paul had one block – and that’s what matter most, right?

Back on top tied with Brooklyn.