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The Gastroenteritis Blues: (47) LIVE on Locker Room - Talking About Vivian, The Warriors, The Suns and Matisse Thybulle | Out Now

Golden State Warriors v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s another live episode of The Gastroenteritis Blues recorded on the Locker Room App. Today, Steve, Dan and Emily delve into the catfishing drama that unfolded recently in Lakerland before getting to the Sixers. The trio discusses getting the full Steph Curry treatment in the team’s loss to Golden State, and they preview the game versus the Suns. Unsure of which Sixers will suit up, they also debate the merits of resting and going for the MVP for Joel Embiid. They also try to predict what Matisse Thybulle’s NBA future will look like. Enjoy!


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