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The Gastroenteritis Blues: (31) The Ringer’s Tyler R. Tynes on The State of The Sixers, The Eagles and The Bachelor | Out Now

Cleveland Cavaliers v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Gastro Blues is back! First, Steve, Dan and Emily break down the Sixers’ 2-1 week, of course punctuated by a very Sixersy loss to the Cavs on Saturday night. The trio then discusses Kyle Lowry as a potential Sixer, Ben Simmons’ improved play, Tobias keeping a secret from Brett Brown, and predict the week ahead with games against Indiana, Utah and the All-Star game on Sunday.

Then The Ringer’s Tyler R. Tynes joins the show. Tynes tells the pod all about his favorite Philadelphia athletes growing up, what he thinks about the state of the Sixers, and what he would give up for Kyle Lowry. Tyler also answers questions about his great work regarding John Chaney, Cam Newton, and the disparity of black head coaches to white head coaches in the NFL. Tyler also rattles off some takes about the Eagles and Carson Wentz, and this season of the Bachelor. Tyler is awesome, follow him on Twitter @TylerRickyTynes and read his work at The Ringer.

ANNOUNCEMENT: In conjunction with a new partnership between SB Nation and the Locker Room app, the Gastro Blues will now be putting out an additional bonus episode, every week. The inaugural episode will be recorded on either Thursday or Saturday this week — keep your eyes peeled here or on Twitter to find out. Then, tune in live and listen to Dan, Emily and Steve talk Sixers while you can write in questions in the moment to be answered on the air — or, be pulled “on stage” to ask a question directly to the hosts.


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