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No Particular Hurry: Episode 14 featuring ESPN Insider Pablo S. Torre | Out Now

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

In today’s episode of No Particular Hurry, Dave Early interviews ESPN Insider, writer, reporter, host of the ESPN Daily Podcast, frequent guest or host on PTI, Highly Questionable, Around the Horn on ESPN.

They get into:

What bets did he place on the Superbowl, is our society headed for a “doink” economy?

Who is the MVP today, is it Embiid?

At one point Pablo says: “Guess who’s over there? Joel fucking Embiid…. I’m trying to rub the Sixers success in the present into as many faces as possible….” And it’s glorious. He even works mashed potatoes and offers some half drank milk carton to us Process day 1’s. Generous, if gross.

Is Jeff Van Gundy still angry Pablo isn’t a doctor?

How did Pablo convince Sam Hinkie to meet and talk to him when so few others could? What’s unique about Sam’s mind?

If Pablo ran the Knicks would he fire Leon Rose and hire Hinkie?

What did Sam Hinkie reveal he dreams about?

Is an All-Star Game this season a bad idea with 20 of the best players in the world in one perhaps at risk-location?

How will history look back on us for enjoying the NBA right now as we we learn more and more about this Pandemic?

Is outdoor NBA feasible in the future?

What made Pablo say this: “Those Sixers, they care about title contention so much more than the Jeanie Buss’

and all of the other owners and GMs who side-eyed them as [The Process] was happening.”

What does Pablo think of Doc Rivers?

Tobias Harris.

Somehow there is a Joel Embiid having an orgy basketball metaphor that organically arises and Pablo says “yes it would be the Caligula of the NBA.”

How would he woo a free agent if Daryl Morey hired him to personally make it happen? What’s his Mina Kimes’ Etch A Sketch talent?

Would he have traded Ben for Harden? How about Ben for Beal? What would he offer for Zach LaVine?


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