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Podcast: Sixers enter 2022 on 3-game winning streak

Dave Early joins Sean Kennedy to share their thoughts on what should be the organization’s New Year’s resolution and look back at 2021.

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In the final Liberty Ballers podcast of 2021, our own Dave Early rejoins Sean on the pod to discuss the Sixers’ three-game winning streak, including the exciting 110-102 win Thursday night in Brooklyn. Was it the best win of the season? What did we see from interim coach Dan Burke? Is the Joel Embiid-Tyrese Maxey partnership hitting its stride?

Then, the two cover the Doc Rivers-Keith Pompey contentious post-game press conference exchange in Toronto before diving into some fun year-end topics, including:

  • What were their favorite and least favorite Sixers moments from 2021?
  • What New Year’s resolutions should the Sixers have?

You can listen to the full episode below:

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Have a happy and safe New Year, everyone!

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