25 to Memphis

Have not seen much speculation of Simmons to Memphis, but I would love to see this three-teamer.

Sixers - Dejounte Murray, Dillon Brooks

Grizzlies - 25

Spurs - Thybulle, Melton, Culver, maybe two protected first round picks from Memphis

Sixers could start Murray, Curry, Green/Brooks, Harris, Embiid with Maxey leading the backups of Maxey, Furk/Shake, Green/Brooks, Niang, Drummond. Danny Green and Dillon Brooks could be interchangeable in the starting/closing lineup depending on matchups and how much shooting you need on the court. And Murray bumping Maxey out of the starting lineup would help with perimeter defensive issues and allow Maxey to be a sweet change of pace off the bench or put Maxey for Curry against super athletic lineups. Gives them a lot more flexibility with two more two-way players, and a bit more size and speed. Obviously would love to not have to give up Thybulle in this trade, but I think it is worth it.

From the Grizzles perspective - hooking up Ja and JJJ with Simmons would be a potentially fun team. Spacing could be an issue if they start Steven Adams, but going slightly smaller with Simmons and JJJ at the 4 and 5 would be a great pairing and having Ja and Simmons would be so fun in transition. If I am the Grizzlies I would swing big. They have such promising young talent, but no real chance of luring a big name free agent. Getting Simmons does that and keeps the three players who average the most minutes for the team. A lineup of Ja, Bane, Anderson, Simmons, JJJ might just click and be a lot of fun to watch and hard to play against.

From the Spurs perspective - I bet they would be very hesitant to include Murray in a trade. Murray has definitely taken a big leap this year, but he will never be the best player on a contender so this would make them worse this year, improving their lottery odds along with some good future draft assets, Melton who is solid and loved by analytics folks, and two flyers on Culver and Thybulle. Would love to see Thybulle improving his shot with Chip Engelland.

The biggest sticking points in my mind: (1) We have no idea how the Grizzlies value Simmons (but that is an issue with any Simmons trade idea to any team) and (2) what protections would the Grizzlies put on the picks and would those picks be enough to entice the Spurs to give up Murray.

(Additionally you could add in Thad to the Sixers and it still works on Trade Machine, but I think then the Sixers would pay a bunch of taxes)

I am sure there are lots of problems with this trade I have not yet thought about yet. Let me know what they are!

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