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Podcast: What should be on Sixers’ Christmas wish list?

Harrison Grimm joins Sean to discuss Philly’s disappointing loss to Atlanta and a lot more related to the Sixers.

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Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

In this week’s Christmas Eve edition of the Talking About Podcast, Liberty Ballers’ Sean Kennedy and Harrison Grimm bemoan another disappointing effort from the Sixers against Atlanta.

They discuss their current grievances with the team and what they would do differently in Doc Rivers’ shoes. Tyrese Maxey has been the biggest silver lining thus far, but how much does that help your overall thoughts on this season?

Then, in the second half of the pod, the pair provide their Sixers Christmas wish list. What would they ask Sixers Santa for to help the team this year? They also cover the team’s bizarre partnership with Color Star Technology, before ending with a discussion about their favorite Christmas movies.

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Happy Holidays, everyone!

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