Most Recent Rumor Involves Jaylen Brown

The BleacherReport reports, "Shams Charania of The Athletic and Stadium reported the Sixers and Celtics have talked about a potential trade but there is "no traction" as of yet. It's expected the Sixers would require Jaylen Brown be part of any trade package for Simmons."

I was excited when I saw the headline, "Ben Simmons Trade Rumors: Celtics, 76ers 'Engaged in' Talks; Jaylen Brown Linked", not so much after reading the piece. Perhaps, there is no traction because the Celtics won't give up Brown. If the Celtics offered Brown, I would jump on this deal pronto, unless the Sixers have to give up picks.

Looking at the TradeMachine, I would try to trade Simmons and Springer for Brown, Aaron Nesmith, and Grant Williams and let picks even out the rest. Unfortunately, that would leave the Sixers with 18 players and no one I would want to cut. So, Isaiah Joe would have to be included, altering the pick balancing. This would still leave the Sixers $836K into the luxury tax.

To stay under the tax, the deal could be pared down to Simmons and Singer for Brown and Nesmith and balancing picks. The Sixers lose Grant Williams but get to hang on to Joe and get to $236K under the tax which saves them from the repeater penalty this year and next, depending upon when the tax nd penalty are assessed. If they have already been determined, then the more expansive deal is a killer, in my opinion. A deal along these line leaves the Sixers with the same point guard situation (Maxey, Korkmaz, Milton) unless one thinks Brown can be converted. But, I think the Sixers have shown they can survive the regular season with the point guards they have. At the trade deadline, they can decide if there needs to be an adjustment in anticipation of the playoffs.

In any case, this is the best Ben Simmons 'news' I have heard.

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