To the Ends of the Earth...

I could travel far and wide

around the world and to the other side

to come out beneath a purple sun

where the wildebeasts are known to run

and would never think that I might see

a sight so sad to bring me to my knee

than a man so gifted brought so low

as to be afraid to even put a toe

into the nearest inch of the mighty river

for fear of showing off his yellow liver

else his utter disregard

for his many mates who work so hard

to reach a goal they thought they shared

with this jackal who is now so scared

to show his face among his peers

and admit that all his puerile fears

are nonsense in the company of those

who hoops as a profession chose

for it matters not how strong and tall

a man may be who has no balls

but only lies straight to your face

in revelation only of his own disgrace

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