Blue Coats vs College Park 2021-11-19

I'm gonna try to do these. I have Ben Simmmons issues in my head I need to work out. I'm like that WIP caller who was involved in a hit and run, and he didn't give a sh*t because he needed to get stuff off his chest about Simmons. Once he's traded I'll probably stop these. The world will be better for it. And if I'm banned because I crossed some sort of line then you won't see these anymore, obviously.

Something to visualize when thinking about the Blue Coats: Braxton Key is their tallest player at 6'8", then Charlie Brown Jr. at 6'6", and then they have a bunch of guys at 6'5". So when Braxton is out of the game they're very very small. Braxton is the Danny Green of the team, and if you want to know what that means, watch these games.

I really wish f***ing Coby Karl would f***ing play Aaron f***ing Henry.

Let's never lose to another Atlanta team ever again, please.


Charlie Brown Jr.

He's back! Not paying the most attention to him, but he seems to hit timely threes. Not sure about the "D" but he's got the "3". There's Danny Green potential there, but needs to work on that "D". I did an internet search: he's from Philly and went to Saint Joe's! Jameer and Delonte forever!

Jaden Springer: Positives

People should watch these games just for Jaden, I think he's an NBA player for sure. Still 19 years old!

Great block on a drive to the basket against College Park #00, and then a layup going back the other way while being defended by College Park #00. He used his strength to slowly make his way to the basket and then just flicks it in off the backboard. "I'm bigger and stronger than you, sorry... but not really..."

In transition he does a euro-step that catches Cat Barber leaning the wrong way and it's an easy lay-in. But this was more bad defense by College Park. There's some "I don't want any piece of that" to how they're playing Jaden on defense. Interesting. I wonder if they get physical with him eventually. 34-15 at the end of the 1st.

He was on Skylar Mays' hip the entire time on a drive to the basket (Mays scored), but I like how Springer is able to stay with you without fouling. On another Mays drive he forcefully pushes off Jaden and gets called for a foul, I love it. Keep annoying that man, Jaden! I wonder if this means Springer would be a good dance partner.

On offense, the only flash in Jaden's game are his outlet passes. In some previous games he's thrown some gutsy ones, very exciting. In this game, he got a rebound, one-hands it, and then looks up trying to find someone to pass to. It's a short pass to Shaq at 3/4 court but it's enough for a good transition attack (Shaq misses, but Maxey would score on that).

He likes to get out in transition, and I like this a lot. It's fun.

So this should be regular part of his NBA future: With 8:35 left in the 4th, College Park scores. After the inbound they throw it ahead to Springer before the defense is set. He sees this and attacks right away. So now it's a race between him and Malik Ellison, who gets to the rim first? (Well, there was this other College Park guy that flies right by both of them, I don't know what he was thinking, but who cares, this isn't about him) Springer and Ellison get there at the same time, and there's contact, but Springer is so strong that Ellison barely affects the body mechanics of Springer's lay-in off the backboard. Foul on Ellison. Give me this all day when he's on the Sixers.

Jaden Springer: Negatives

He had this jump pass from the paint out to the 3-point line, and it didn't look like he needed to jump. Maybe he just doesn't have great half-court passing vision?

I don't see the star upside, but he's still only 19 years old.

It's the middle of the 3rd quarter and he's taken two of his patented mid-range jumpers, one bounced in, one was a bad miss. I think he needs to cut this out of his game, or at least change it so that it's more mechanical in some way. Maybe change it to that Richaun Holmes push shot. It's just not a good shot. Only Joel, Seth and Tobi should be taking shots like that.

Aaron Henry

HE IS PLAYING!!! And he scores on a drive and short floater!!! YEAH!!! I just want to know what it is that he can do for an NBA team. I don't think I've seen it yet, and I don't know what the Sixers see. I think they should give that 2-way to Shaq Harrison, but let's see if Aaron Henry can develop his game some.

Nice score on a post-up, he just jumped higher than his defender and was able to shoot it over him. But it was Cat Barber so this doesn't say much to me.

Decent handle, I've seen him bring the ball up the court a couple of times now. He had some clutch buckets in the 4th. OK, OK, I'm starting to see some potential here, he seems to mostly be a positivie.

Grant Riller

HE IS PLAYING!!! And he can still get to the basket any goddamn time he wants to! Beard!

He went to dunk it on a fast break, and he juuuuust cleared the rim, and has an awkward fall. Just lay it up Grant, just lay it up, nice and soft off the backboard, please... You just came back from an injury. And lose that extra 10lbs you gained, please. He led a nice fast break that ends with a pass to Aaron Henry for a score. He has some Seth Curry vibes, but I would too, if I gained 10lbs.

Cumberland #34

Looks like a dirtier, meaner Tobias Harris, but thicc'er. Has a very different game, though.

Shaq Harrison

He looks like an NFL wide receiver playing basketball to me, he just doesn't have a natural feel for the game, like Sharife Cooper. I was crapping on Aaron Henry a little but Henry definitely has better touch.

Holy sh*t! If you search for Shaq Harrison high school football highlights you'll find them! And he was wearing #3 even back then!

Shamorie Ponds

He's our Sharife Cooper.

College Park

I wouldn't have minded Sharife Cooper over Jaden Springer. He's such a fun player, and he does two things at an NBA level: handle the ball and pass. Close your eyes, and he sounds like Iverson when he talks.

They have a player named Cat Barber, just an awesome minor league baseball name. It's definitely a 2nd baseman's name.

Ben Simmons is mentioned with 6:46 left in the 1st quarter. Two mispronunciations so far: Brandon Key, and "Siler" for Grant Riller. Announcer said about Springer, "1st round pick, knows how to score..." Yes he's a 1st round pick, but I wouldn't say he "knows how to score."

Two nice dunks by College Park, I was entertained. One was by Jonathan Hamilton, and he's been by far the best player for College Park. I bet he plays a lot today. College Park has a nice arena. They have one player that's "0" (Malik Ellison), and another player that's "00". If we got Tyrese Haliburton, would he get "00"? (Because Maxey already has "0")

Trae Young at the game!

Malik Ellison is Pervis Ellison's son, cool beans.

Jonathan Hamilton did not play a lot today, bad move by the College Park coach, IMO.

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