What would Daryl do?

So what does Morey really want in a Simmons trade?

When it comes time to pull the trade trigger, What would Daryl Do?

Daryl Morey announced

If you listen carefully to the rare public comments on the matter from Morey, like the last public interview he did, Morey has adjusted his language but not the end goal.

He's using words now like difference maker or impact player but not 'role players' which is what he said the offers have been built around. The goal is the same, after the trade are the Sixers in better position to win a championship?

There's more flexibility there I think than All star caliber perhaps. For instance a Sac trade imagined by some out here with Haliburton/Barnes + 1st. Is anyone All star caliber? Probably not, although the 1st could be something and Hali is young so projecting, maybe. A lot to me depends on sending as little as possible out with Ben from what is already proving to be a deep Sixer roster. Keep as much of your current roster in place, with the good chemistry, shipping Ben out with as little as possible. Love Danny Green but a clear upgrade at Small Forward, given his body showing signs of being injury prone, would be likely a big impact on the roster.

Maxey is now covering the point for Ben and literally showing all star caliber potential. So Daryl has the option now to take an upgrade where the team most needs it to compete which looks to me like its a starting 3, backed then by a 6th man candidate like Thybulle. No wonder names like Jeremy Grant, Jaylen Brown and Brandon Ingram are getting more buzz in the Ben Talk.

Are the Sixers in position there to win a championship if the only Pieces outgoing are say Ben and Danny Green? Maxey/Seth/Barnes/Tobi/JoJo with Hali/Shake/Tisse/Niang/Drum off the Bench?
The team would be deep enough to package and go for another piece for example if needed.

In this scenario they still have Joe/Bassey/Reed/Kork on the bench for the 3rd rotation! All those guys have already shown they can play the league and have positive projections.

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