Ben Simmons to Boston.....

Here is a proposed trade for Mr. Simmons to Boston, and some logic for why both teams would do it. Looking at the ESPN trade machine, I cant plug the numbers in because so many players can't be traded until December 15th. I think Mr. Simmons will be traded shortly after December 15th. I cant imagine Darryl Morey sitting on Ben much longer, regardless of what he says.

As follows:

Sixers get- Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart (total of 40.8 million in salary)

Celtics get- Ben Simmons, Tyrese Maxey, Furkon K. (total of 40.4 million in salary)

Sixers do it because- We have to add something significant with Ben cause he is damaged goods at this point. If he's too scared to play in Philly, how will Boston work out? I don't think Boston will go straight up Ben for Jaylen. Sixers get Jaylen Brown, who should slot in well as a borderline all-star small forward, plus being able to bring Danny Green off the bench. Sixers get Marcus Smart, who fills a need at either point or shooting guard. While he has some offensive limitations (he's not too scared to shoot, that's for sure), he is as tough as they come, a leader, a vet who can help this team win now. A back court of Smart, Curry, Milton, Thybulle contains 0.0 all-stars, but is well balanced and very tough defensively.

Celtic's do it because- Simmons is a three time all-star, 25 years old, has talent that can't be taught, but is a dented can, so they need something else to give up Jaylen Brown. That something is Tyrese Maxey, who is super cheap, and looks every bit like a future all-star. Furkon K. will be mostly salary filler, but will be a useful player to slot into their rotation at small forward now that Jaylen B. is gone.

There is another variation of this trade that I have the Sixers getting Dennis Schroder (instead of Smart) for Furk, and the Sixers keep Maxey, but I don't think Boston would go for that (But if Boston wants too, consider it done).

That's my idea, please let me know your thoughts. Hopefully in the next month this whole Ben thing get's resolved, and we can get focused on competing for the championship this year. Let's go Sixers!

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