Outside of the box on Ben Simmons...

I know this is more of a fantasy than an actuality but what the hell...

The current fiasco is an embarrassment to Philly, Ben and the NBA. Here is my 'outside of the box' solution. All three parties would need to agree for this to happen. The NBA could create some positive PR with the Mental Health angle and make it a one time special case / situation. The team and Ben take a manageable hit to their bottom line. Everybody moves on to bigger and better things.

1) Ben gets half his salary at the trade deadline but has to sit out the rest of the year. (Ben takes a 1/2 season loss on his salary)

2) Philly gets a salary slot (sort of like a TPE) and can replace Ben (at the trade deadline or next year) with a player of like salary. (Philly takes a 1/2 season loss on Ben's salary)

3) In next years draft, the 1st draft can be used for a normal draft selection OR you can choose Ben and assume the rest of his contract. Ben said he would be willing to play for any other team than Philly, so...

4) If the team with the 1st pick passes on Ben, then the 2nd team to pick can choose Ben, and so on. I don't think Ben will be on the 'board' for long.

The 76'er fans deserve better but sometimes life simply sucks. I hope their players are soon past Covid, injuries are healed and Ben gets traded so we can get back to hard played, competitive games we have come to expect.

Peace ☮.

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