The Mismatch podcast 11/12/21

Very good podcast from the Mismatch. Everyone should check it out. They talked extensively about the Sixers situation. Kevin O’Connor had a great take on why Philly is doing the right thing holding their ground. Chris Vernon took the opposite side and said Philly blew it not trading Ben for what was available over the summer.

I’m okay with Philly holding their ground. This is uncharted territory in sports history. Maybe T.O. was similar in that he also became a malcontent one year into his contract. But Ben sees that and goes full "hold my beer" to that.

All that being said, this has got to be one of the most entertaining seasons ever. I’m glad we have this site to vent and debate. Here’s to a great season and a satisfactory ending to this Ben Simmons mess. And Ben and Rich Paul can go pound sand.

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