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Podcast: How can the Sixers improve their outside shooting?

In the latest episode of Out of Site, Adio Royster and Jackson Frank discuss a flaw in the Sixers’ offense.

Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s basketball season! (Pre-season basketball, anyway).

The Philadelphia 76ers tipped off against the Toronto Raptors very short-handed, and without two (technically three) of their all-stars, the Sixers did not fare too well. It’s the pre-season, however. It’s time to work things out. That’s part of today’s podcast. Jackson Frank joins host Adio Royster to discuss a serious flaw in the Sixers' offense — 3-point shooting. (Where have we heard that before? We know.)

In Jackson’s piece, he quotes Joel Embiid that the team should shoot more of them this season. Jackson and Adio talk about how the roster fits in with that hope as well as what role the coaching staff needs to take to make that happen (be it with better scheming, different spacings, etc.)

You can listen to the episode below:

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