Bringing home our Prodigal Son

Some overreactions from early this season. I think it’s clear this team is worse without Ben. The problem is that with Ben, this team has shown no better than a 2nd round playoff team. However, the new rules to not reward foul seeking behavior implemented so far this season has been eye opening. I’m thinking Ben Simmons would thrive under these new rules. And with time on the court, he can continue to work on his mental block of shooting.

I don’t know about anyone else, but the best thing that can happen is Ben playing on the Sixers as soon as possible. His trade value right now is as low as it will ever get. To trade him now would be peak stupid. I think the Sixers organization should do everything they can to persuade Ben to suit up again. If and when he starts playing, he will remind everyone of the talent he possesses. Then the Sixers will be in much better position to either trade him or decide to ride with him another playoffs. Things may be different this year with the rules changes.

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