And Away We Go...

So the 2021-2022 season is under way,

headed where I cannot say,

with a banged up Jo

and a Ben no show

and a mix of youngsters and old vets;

The road ahead is hard to see

with a wispy mist of mystery

obscuring all attempts to guess

how Morey will defuse this mess

and move dear Ben with no regrets;

But we still have Seth

and we still have Shake

and we still have Furkan and Matisse

and we still have Danny

and B-Ball Paul

and a new point god by name Tyrese;

There's Andre the biggest Drummer boy

and of course by Georges there Mr. Niang

Isaiah Joe - can you make a shot?

and Charles Bassey - maybe not?

But have no fear there's still Tobias

and his one hand jams that bring the silence

to all the critics that pay attention

and give him grief and still no mention

come all star voting;

well at least old Ben has had a couple

though he still struggles to gather his nerve

and jam it home

imagine him in the Thunder Dome;

he's no Mad Max that's for certain

and soon will see the final curtain

come down on his time in Philly town;

So fee and fie and foe and fum

Joel Embiid is still the giant

to carry this team

that is fully reliant

on his skills and his body

to not break down

till he can turn this

into Titletown

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