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The Gastroenteritis Blues: (87) Sixers lose to Nets and Beat Thunder in Quintessential Sixers Fashion | Out Now

Philadelphia 76ers v Oklahoma City Thunder Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images

Well, after a late blown lead surrendered to the Brooklyn Nets and a too-close, meh victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder, it’s safe to say the Sixers are really back. Steve and Emily (no Dan this week, sadly) discuss both games in great detail. Why couldn’t the Sixers score against the Nets at the end of the game? What was it like in the arena? Who exactly is Doc Rivers’ thumbs up/thumbs down guy? They discuss the status of Joel Embiid’s knee, defense, and passing, and just about every other impactful player from the team’s first week.

Then, they discuss the week’s news surrounding Ben Simmons, and how they plan to discuss (or not discuss) the situation going forward.

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