Asign Ben Simmons to the G-League

Ben Simmons and klutch sports plan is clearly to force his way out of phila, and Adam silvers history throughout the process has shown he is 100% behind it, so expect no help from the NBA on this one. Here’s the deal, more teams than not sit with the sixers in this regard, they are not a destination franchise, so going forward players will more and more decide to sign fat contracts and then demand to be traded to... "here’s my list of teams los Angeles, Boston, Miami…." if they don’t get there way, the don’t show up, when the checks stop, they show up and cause havoc throughout the building disrupting any chance a team has of positive day to day activities. Team sends player home, fines suspension last a while but when player returns, they return with lethargic play … we are seeing it now with BS. The natural thought is a player won’t tank his own production because until recently players in these predicament we’re near the end of their contracts. This has changed, players have realized that resigning with the current teams gives them more money than forcing out before contracts up with no Intention of staying with team. (See Paul George, Jimmy Butler…) Another caveat of the ongoing situation is that players are realizing they are better off tanking their trade value so that there new teams are not Barron of talent once they arrive. It’s a win win for a player to tank his value after getting long term deal, then force trade and not have to worry about his performance relating to his next contract as it is not up for 4 years. What is a team supposed to do?

I prepose assigning Simmoms to the Blue Coats. let him rot in bus rides to Sioux Falls, Des Moines, Wilmington and Fort Wayne... You want to be a star? here you go. If they don't show up, no pay check. if they do and are insubordinate, at least its less distracting to the Sixers and the fines suspensions can be dealt with away from the team. if he decides to ball out, which by all means it should be easy, then he can move up to the Sixers. If...IF he works his way back to the Sixers then he can be worked into the lineup at that point to rebuild his trade value.

The best way is not to let these players manipulate their way to which ever franchise they prefer. The NBA don't mind this but the fans should. Its time to stop acting like your franchise is a minor league team.

Let him rot!!

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