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Podcast: How the Sixers are handling Ben Simmons’ return, plus predictions for the season

Steve Lipman joins Adio Royster to discuss the latest Sixers news heading into the new season.

Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

Before the guest on today’s podcast, Steve Lipman begins his journey aimlessly walking across the earth, searching for meaning until Ben Simmons is traded away from the Philadelphia 76ers. He joins host Adio Royster on today’s podcast.

In the first part of the pod, Steve and Adio discuss Simmons returning to Sixers practice over the weekend (allegedly with his cell phone in tow). What is the feeling with Simmons returning to practice? Doc Rivers and the team has said and done all the right things to give the impression that everything is gravy, but the question is: “What is going on underneath the surface, and how quickly COULD this blow up if the team gets off to a slow start?”

After that discussion, Steve and Adio take a deeper dive into the staff predictions piece posted to Liberty Ballers. What’s the take(s) of the site staff, and who is out here choosing violence as opposed to choosing peace when it comes to their answers? All of that in this pod before the Sixers tipping off against the New Orleans Pelicans on Wednesday.

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