A reminder that Damian Lillard and Bradley Beal are both really old.

Damian Lillard and Bradley Beal are both really old.

We love you Ben please help give us the gift of another first seed in the East this season!

I love you all trust the process! Championships are usually won by superstars in their prime not aging superstars. We have 2 superstars in their prime and still getting better. Don’t forget how lucky we are and how few teams finish the regular season in first place every season! And how much time we sacrificed literally purposefully losing so we could draft Joel and Ben and become winners. So many teams are mediocre. We don’t want mediocrity. We want championships plural! Have some self control and show some respect this season Philly! If you really want what is best for the 76ers championship chances you will try your best to make Ben feel comfortable playing here. I know there are more people in the seats than only Liberty Ballers but at least if we’re nice that would be nice. I know it’s fun to scream your opinion from the seats when you are drinking but is it always appreciated by any of the players? I think the players would like words of encouragement or silence because they’re trying to focus on winning basketball games and not lose focus by paying any attention to us, we are a distraction sometimes.

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