fitz164 Was Right

User fitz164 was absolutely correct and I was wrong. fitz164 said Ben would be back as soon as the financial penalties of sitting out began to bite. Sure enough, Ben shows up last night, begging at the door, unannounced, just like the escaped puppy that discovers it is afraid of the dark.

I totally misjudged Ben Simmons. If I had $75 million dollars, nobody would have any kind of leverage over me, especially over a measly $1 million or even $10 million. Heck, I wouldn't need any more money at all. I could walk away as Kyrie Irving threatens to do if traded. But, I obviously misjudged Ben. I thought he had a little bit of 'man' in him. Ends up there is none at all. He can't stand his ground, his very loudly proclaimed ground. I should have known. Spoiled people don't have backbones. Greedy people want every dime.

Unfortunately, the Sixers are now headed for what I predicted would be the worst possible outcome, Ben back on the team and the issue of where he will play this year still unresolved. We don't know if he'll practice let alone play. We don't know if he will truly be accepted back by the other players or even if he will want to be accepted back. We do know that, if Ben does practice, it will set back installing the plays the team needs in order to play without Ben when and if he finally is traded.

When I saw a headline indicating the Shake and Maxey were competing to be the starting point guard, I thought, "I can't believe Morey has brought the team this low, this fast. Neither is a natural point guard. Shake has a very poor record at point guard. Whoever they bring in after Ben is traded will have to acclimate to the team on the fly at the position where it is most important to be familiar with one's teammates. Looks like a wasted Embiid 'window' year all because Morey said he didn't want to waste another Embiid 'window' year."

Well, we'll see. Buckle up. The ride might get even bumpier from here.

At least I was correct about one thing: the Sixers want Curry to take his open threes. Small consolation.

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