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No Particular Hurry: Debut Episode with Kevin F. Love & Yaron Weitzman | Out Now

Philadelphia 76ers Introduce Al Horford, Josh Richardson, Kyle O’Quinn, and Raul Neto Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

In the podcast’s debut episode, host Dave Early is joined by Liberty Ballers Managing Editor Kevin F. Love and ‘Tanking to the Top’ author Yaron Weitzman to address the following:

Did Brett Brown’s voice stop mattering to Embiid and Simmons? (Ty Lue, listen up).

Did Elton Brand push hard for Al Horford or was that someone else?

Why the heck isn’t Jimmy Butler still here?

How on earth did Yaron settle on the adjective “cocksure” for Sixers’ CEO Scott O’Neill in his book?!


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