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Jay Wright officially denies his candidacy for Sixers head coaching position

The dream is dead

Villanova v DePaul Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

From now on, whenever people discuss or write about the Sixers’ head coaching search, they can leave out the part at the end saying, “I know he’s probably never leaving Villanova, but the Sixers should really go after Jay Wright.” This afternoon, Wright, two-time NCAA men’s basketball national champion and perennially one of the most well-dressed men in all of sports, decided to officially end all speculation about his candidacy for the Sixers job:

As a Sixers fan, the small part of me that still believes in improbabilities is saddened by this news. As a Villanova alumnus, I look forward to Wright leading Big East championship rosters for years to come.

Now, we move on to focusing on the remaining broad swath of candidates that have received vague rumors and hints towards becoming the next Sixers head coach, as the not-at-all-overhauled front office continues the search.

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