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Sixers Swept as Season From Hell Ends in Fitting Fashion

It’s over.

NBA: Playoffs-Boston Celtics at Philadelphia 76ers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It’s over.

The 2019-20 Sixers season has finally, mercifully, and thankfully ended.

It was a season that felt like it lasted an eternity, and then in actuality took nearly ten months to complete.

The particulars in this one are largely immaterial. Joel Embiid had a down game and shot poorly from the field and the free throw line. He still finished with 30/10/2 blocks.

Tobias Harris — a wonderful man and teammate — had his first good performance in the series as he accrued 20 points and hit two 3s. In a terrifying moment, Harris sustained a laceration to his left eye that opened up bloody after Harris hit his head against the hardwood. He was evaluated for a concussion, and then, for some inane reason far beyond my comprehension, re-entered the game that had reached blowout territory.

The rest was the same old song: Al Horford was a minus-16, Josh Richardson shot terribly, Shake Milton was pretty good. Jayson Tatum filleted the Sixers for 28 points, Kemba Walker had 30.

The Sixers did not quit on Brett Brown, who will be fired soon, most likely tomorrow.

The entire dispiriting series was emblematic of the malaise that followed this team all season long. They disappointed, and the team’s legitimate, young stars were unable to overcome an ill-fitting roster.

Now the spotlight turns to Josh Harris and the rest of the Sixers ownership group. Will they merely fire Brown retain the front office members who created this mess to begin with? Or will they clean house and hire a new President of Basketball Operations, and then — hear me out — let that person hire his or her own staff and head coach.

Time’s yours, Josh Harris.

Oh yeah, the final score was 110-106, Boston.

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