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Joel Embiid set to return for tonight’s game

Meanwhile, Alec Burks will rest

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Portland Trail Blazers Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

In a surprising turn of events, the Philadelphia 76ers will have all of their non-Ben Simmons starters available for tonight’s game against Toronto, including one Joel Hans Embiid:

While tonight’s outcome is largely irrelevant (and you could argue it would be in the Sixers’ best interest to lose), Embiid returning to the court tonight is outstanding news for Philadelphia. The Sixers had maintained that the ankle injury Embiid suffered by stepping back awkwardly on the bottom of the stanchion in the Portland game was minor, but we’ve seen day-to-day designations blow up the team’s face before. Especially with Joel’s injury history involving his foot and everything else, fans would have been justified in having a pessimistic outlook. However, the big man will return and has two games before the playoffs begin to regain the outstanding rhythm we’ve seen from him in the Bubble.

In other news, another guy who has played extremely well for the team in Orlando will be getting a rest tonight:

Keep that shooting arm warm, Alec.

With the majority of Philadelphia’s regulars back in action, and Toronto playing most of their full rotation tonight, buckle up for a fun two-plus hours of Bubble basketball.

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